Non-custodial Web3 wallet for teams
Whether you are looking to manage your company's treasury, operate your fund's assets, become a digital asset custodian, engage in dex trading, or build the next digital asset exchange, MPCVault is here for you.
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You have control
A self-custodial approach
"Not your keys, not your coins." This is even more true for enterprise customers with large amount of assets at stake. MPCVault's solution is self-custodial. We do not have total control over your keys or assets. Each operation has to be cryptographically signed by your key share, eliminating any counter-party risks.
Keyless operation
Operate without passing around private keys
With our proprietary MPC technology, team members never have direct access to private keys. Feel free to add in as many team members as you want without worrying about key security.
Self-service recovery
Backup once and recover all your assets
No longer do you have to manage multiple mnemonics for different blockchain addresses. With a one-time backup, you can generate as many addresses on different blockchains as you wish.
Single source of truth
View all your assets in one place
See your on-chain assets, exchange accounts, and bank accounts in one place. Seamlessly transfer assets across all your accounts.
Risk management
Transaction policies and access control
Define role-based access control and limit risk exposure by configuring approval workflows. You can set transaction properties such as total volume, destination addresses, and the number of approvers required for each transaction.
Insider attack prevention
A detailed audit for every action
MPCVault maintains a detailed history of all user actions. Use this to meet your compliance needs and identify the root cause if things go wrong.
Blind-signing prevention
Transaction decoding
MPCVault decodes transactions before you sign them and uses machine learning to detect fraudulent transactions. MPCVault helps you understand what you are signing and get alerted if something is suspicious.
Built for developers
The most powerful APIs
MPCVault's well-architected API stack allows you to build with agility and confidence. We offer different levels of abstractions that put no limits on what you can build, all the while remaining non-custodial.
SDKs for every stack
We offer performant client libraries in everything from GoLang and Java to .NET and iOS, shortening your development time by 5x.
Flexible abstractions
From creating an account to creating key pairs, our API supports a myriad of use cases.
Simple setup for MPC computation
Clone, setup and run. That's it. We will take care of the complicated MPC set-up for you.
Designed with security
You can set caller IP range, total transaction limits, callback checks, and other security checks on your API caller. All API call logs are saved for auditing.
You have control
Manage all asset types, across all blockchains
MPCVault supports all commonly used digital signature algorithms. No matter which chain you are on, our flexible technology stack will be able to meet your evolving business needs.
Supported Assets
The ultimate approach to key management
Secure multi-party computation (MPC)
Highest-level of security
No more static private keys
With MPC, there is no single point of vulnerability and your private key is never materialized. In place of a static private key, key shares are independently generated in multiple locations.
Distributed trust
Independent and distributed computation
Computing parties sign the transaction independently. Partial signatures are then combined to form the full signature.
Made to last
Periodic key refresh
All key shares are refreshed regularly, providing maximum security against attacks over a long term.